The game PUBG, which was released just over three years ago and quickly attracted interest from gamers all around the world. Professional players have been competing in regional tournaments to qualify for this coveted world league further enhancing its competitive scene’s prominence.

Following its initial launch, there are now esports rather than merely a mobile gaming experience that includes organizations like PMCO (Puerto Rico-based Center For ThePromotion Of Esports), PMSC(proto) LeagueSM based out LA California who organize US East regionals while teams compete against each other vying towards $1 million dollar prize pool along with others such as Pelle Manufacturing Company Inc., PSCLive broadcasting service providerandPMWL Korean Property DeveloperWho both offer platforms where one can participate.

#10 1218

1218 is a CIS-based Esports Organization that joined the PUBG Mobile Esports scene during Spring 2020. This team has risen up to 3rd spot in EMEA rankings and is looking strong with their victory against top teams from all over Europe! 12 18 secured another honorable mention award at season 1 Finals of Pro League – 2021: Asia Games Story Mode, claiming runner-up seat alongside teammates who made history as winners on this event’s grand stageTournament
This passage discusses how one esports organization joining multiple tournaments helped them succeed even more than before

#9 The Infinity

This Thai team made waves in the gaming world recently after they won PMPL south Asia Championship season 3 and earned 30k USD prize money. With four chicken dinners, their kills are nearly twice that of runner up with over 80 points difference! They also showed pretty decent performances at Pubg Mobile Pro League Thailand by securing 2nd rank last league then finishing 3rd place for final stage play where players only get one chance to win it all on this game mode which requires skillful thinking under pressure when your life depends upon each decision you make.

#8 Frag – Gunz Official

The Gunz Esports Iraqi team, Frag Gunz Official is a PUBG Mobile Team from Iraq who played for Gungame Esports. This side has won two awards and the 2nd spot in Pubg mobile Pro League: EMEA championship as well as PMPL Arabia last year back when it first started up! They were also champions of PMSC Asia Pacific Minor Championship at IEM Sydney 2018 where we saw them play with 10 players against other top teams such as Fnatic Royal Flush Indianacas

#7 Team Queso

As one of the oldest organizations still active in PUBG Mobile Esports, Team Queso is an international team that has shown its ability at major tournaments. This group was formed by Lvaro “AlvarO845” Gonzalez and made their debut on March 26th with performance against Biker Gang Asia Pacific partner club(BGAP). The squad went 4-2 during BGAP’s best two outs bracket finals where they lost out to eventual winners Genesis Gaming who would go on to take home first place honors for this season’s Fall Split 2020 Pro League – Americas Finals event

#6 Alpha 7 Esports

A7 eSports is one of the largest PUBG Mobile organizations in Brazil, they enter competitive play with a bang. Big stars like Carrilho and SenaTexa will join Team A7 esports this January 2021! Their first position at PUBG Masters League S13 – Americas Edition shows how formidable their squad can be when it comes to battlefields royale gamesmanship; finishing top 5 in Pro League season 1 has also proven that there’s always room left for improvement amongst competitors on an even playing field–which means these guys are only getting better from here as well

#5 Ghost Gaming

Ghost Gaming is an Atalanta-based Esports organization that recently entered in PUBG Mobile eSports by signing the Ex roster of Tempo Storm. They have shown an unbelievable performance on their regional PMPL where they secured the highest numbers points for regular season 2021 Spring Split with a close 3rd place finish behind winners Runaway and runner up Team ICEISSECTSQUAD.
The team will be trying to repeat this success when it competes at weekly online competitions during off hours or after completing other game tasks like dungeon runs while waiting patiently until ladder reset next Friday

#4 Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere is a well-known Ukrainian multi-game esports company. They joined PUBG Mobile in October 2020, signing prominent names like OldBoy and Glory as managers to lead their squad of pro players into battle against other top teams from around the world for USD$40K on behalf of Navi Nation’s latest victory at The Championships EMEA League! This spectacular win came following an already impressive 4th place finish last season’s Global Finals where they defeated big-name opponents such as Bigetron RA or Robots Rat Queens Athena among many others. It doesn’t stop there: this formidable collective has won countless titles during its history which makes them one.

#3 Nova Esports

Nova Esports, also known as Nova XQF for short is an esports team that won the most prestigious PUBG Mobile event in history. First, they were only recognized after winning Season Zero with their performance during club open: Spring Split 2019 where there were no turning back from them since then because of all these prestigious wins like I mentioned before which includes but is not limited to; The Global finals (2019) & Grand Champion League 1st Place 2018/19 season among others!
Their last game was against ROX Orcas at LOBI3L2 Finals here’s how it went down…

#2 Zeus Esports

After being placed in the wildcard area, Zeus Esports has since been relocated to the South Asian pro league. Godless is one of their most decorated players who performed admirably at season 0 finals and qualified for Global Championship by winning PMCO’s Wild Card regular event with his teammates after finishing third place there as well (#1 Team Weibo). This PUBG Mobile team established its position on the top 10 rankings list very quickly when they were awarded $100K just last month!

The ELG gaming team was the winner of PMCO 2019 Berlin, beating XQF (Now Nova Esports). The same group has now been acquired by Weibo – a Chinese microblogging website similar to Twitter. With this move comes more consistency than ever before with TeamWeibo securing the first rank in Peacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 1 and finally taking home victory peacekeepers invitational event!

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