The Gameloop emulator has its own pros and cons, it is one of the best mobile game emulators out there that lets you play your favorite mobile games on PC, but at the same time, it’s not perfect. The lag problem in Gameloop emulator is a serious issue.

To Fix Lag In Gameloop Emulator, follow these steps:

In my case, I’m playing PUBG Mobile on PC using Gameloop emulator which requires a lot of GPU power to run smoothly as compared to other mobile games like Subway Surfers or Minion rush etc., as those android games don’t require high hardware requirements for their emulation.

But make sure your system meets minimum system requirement before going further with my tutorial:

System Requirements to Play PUBG Mobile on PC:

1. Intel Core i3 processor or higher.

2. At least 4GB RAM.

3. Windows 7/8/10(64-Bit) and Mac OSX Sierra (version 10.12).

4. DirectX 11 GPU with 1GB of Video Memory (for example NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or AMD Radeon HD 7750).    Note: For laptops, you should use the integrated graphics card as your main GPU and dedicated graphics card as your additional GPU, but make sure that the dedicated GPU has at least 1 GB of Video Memory and supports DX11 otherwise it will not work properly (Refer this link for more hardware requirements ).

So, now you have everything you need to play the Game smoothly on PC with exact same graphics as mobile, but if you’re facing Fix Lag In Gameloop issues then follow this article for Fixing those issues.

Steps To Fix Fix Lag In Gameloop:

1. First of all open your Gameloop emulator and navigate to Settings > Speed settings and enable the “Turbo Mode”.

2. Now after enabling turbo mode in your Gameloop emulator, launch the PUBG Mobile game on PC using your hard drive or an external USB Drive ( If don’t know how to do it then find out how to run Android games on windows ) .

3. After successfully launching PUBG Mobile game on PC,    you will notice Fix Lag In Gameloop Fix while playing the game.

So this is the Fix for Fixing Fix Lag In Gameloop issue in your Game Loops emulator, see if it works or not? I hope it did work for you.

If yes then share this Fix lag tutorial with your friends so that they can also play their favorite mobile games smoothly on PC using Gameloop emulator without facing any Fix Lag In Gameloop issues .

If you’re still having problems regarding Fix Lag In Gameloop, then just comment below and we might help you out.

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