Playing games is an activity to have fun and have a great time. There are two categories of games—the first indoor game allows you to play while sitting conveniently wherever you want. Second is outdoor games, enhancing your physical fitness and boosting your energy level. Everyone is fond of playing video games like PUBG android games in today’s life. So for that, you must learn to play games and other consequences. Through this article, you can know how to fix lag in the game loop.

Defining game loop:

Fix lag in game loop

How to fix lag in pubg mobile game loop?

Game Loop is an outstanding Tencent emulator for PUBG android games. On the previous day, it was Buddy; it was later renamed to a game loop because of the availability of two different versions. A global version is mainly outside of China. In the alternative, you may get access to it with your Chinese friends through their actual app stores and websites that deliver game download capabilities.

Additionally, the game loop emulator works on high-quality devices. Also, require powerful graphics cards; however, if you want to apply it on Pc to help lags. You have learned how to fix lag in-game loop to avoid problems that directly affect your sessions.

Ways to fix it:

  • Tencent emulator gaming loop and Game loop:

Tencent gaming buddy or Game loop is one of the well-known emulators of playing PUBG on PC or mobile. PC requires the most in the emulator to run the mobile game in a mobile comparison. Usually, the Tencent emulator runs most android games but for the most popular PUBG match.

  • Internet speed for PUBG mobile emulator and match system requirements:

If you want to run your PUBG perfectly without any lag, also if you’re going to run the emulator fluently, it is necessary to meet at least the system’s minimum requirements.

Most minor requirements of the system:

It requires around 1GB free storage along with CPU AMD at 1.8 GHz. The memory requires around 3GB of RAM. Windows supports 8, 8.1, 7, and 10. Additionally, it requires version 9.0c of DirectX.

  • System requirements recommendation:

The operating system should be windows 10 (64 bit), the memory should be 8GB. Your device should have 4GB of free storage. 1MBps or broadband internet speed has to be.

  • Allow virtualization mode:

In BIOS, you must allow the emulator to access specific information. That’s how you can improve the performance of the emulator.

How to allow virtualization mode:

There will be an update and security option in your windows settings; touch this option and then click on recovery. Now under advanced setup, click on Restart, then go to Troubleshoot. Then touch on the advanced option, then feel on UEFI firmware settings. Directly connect on Restart.

To improve performance, set PC power:

PC is always on the setting of power-saving mode (best battery life), but users can use it differently. To run the best performance, Tendance gaming buddy is a helpful app.

  • Fix lag by setting up emulator setting:

Not everyone has dedicated graphics then choose the rendering mode to Smart mode. Enable Render Cache; global render cache prioritizes dedicated GPU. Enable prioritize dedicated GPU. Or if you have a graphic card already. Enable rendering optimization. Change resolution 1024 X 720. Select the four cores in your processing system if your processor is a four-core. Then select the gaming resolution from the game tab to SD 720P and choose a smooth option from the display.

  • Setting up the game setting:

It is the primary setting that users must have to change. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired results from the emulator. Go to the settings and choose the colorful game mode. Disable Anti-Aliasing. Disable automatically adjust game FPS. FPS should be extreme and smooth graphic mode.

If you want to get the best results with real improvement, you must follow all the requirements, and you have to do all the settings accordingly. After reading this article, you know how to fix lag in a game loop. Now you know that the game loop and Tencent emulator gaming loop both are the same thing that helps to play your mobile device’s game on your PC.


Most players like to play games on PC instead of mobile phones. This how-to-fix lag in-game loop emulator is especially for those who can use this app to play their favorite android games on PC and get the same visuals and graphics. Additionally, users must fulfill some requirements to get the best results to improve the quality of everything related to the game. Conditions are pretty straightforward, and if you complete it by following the given steps that have been written above, then you can play your favorite android games, especially PUBG, on your laptop as well. You can recommend it to other people as well. So that they can play their favorite game on pc.

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