The official information from PUBG Corporation’s official developer website is that they will be releasing PUBG: New State PC game, and it will be a mobile battle Royale game to follow in the footsteps of Tencent’s proprietary PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. It is believed to still be under development and should not be preordered while the page is still locked.

With this release, it is introduced that our title will compete with other games in the same genre and also features more exciting features, nice graphics and creative game modes.

What is PUBG: New State?

PUBG: New State is a mobile game developed and published by PUBG Corp. It’s an adaptation of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS for iOS and Android, and it features the same gameplay as its PC counterpart albeit with optimized controls.

Next up, we have the feature of being able to shoot anything around you. These weapons are available on either your person or in your inventory. You can fight with friends online or against enemies that are on the battlefield with you. The new weapons systems will use work-in-progress programming built off of what you’ve already gone over with previous lessons so it shouldn’t be too difficult to learn.

It will be one of the battle royale games that people are most interested in today because it has better action gameplay and game modes. According to the developer, this game will have 100 players together on 1 map. And will fight on a large island, full of different weapons and items to use.

1. Fight with 99 others Players to win

On your first move, you will be given the option to take the risk of entering yourself into an elimination game. This game has rules like any other game, but it may last longer than any other game you’ve played before. Make sure you learn the rules first! The two main rules are: first, you must Destroy all opponents ; second, to win this game you must be the only survivor .

It will be difficult to survive on this battlefield, and no matter how good you get you’ll need some luck too. If you’re new to this game then chances are you’ll tend to get matched against people who have been playing for a while and who therefore tend to be better than newbies such as yourself. On the other hand, one advantage of being a newer player is that you could wind up landing near buildings, warehouses or factories which makes picking up weapons pretty easy.

3. Pay attention to the Anti Cheat System

The battle royale game PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds or PUBG – an action game in the genre of shooting, which is very much in demand. This means that players can create your character at will, choosing his *** and appearance. The main goal of the game is to knock out all the enemies who are standing in your way so you can take first place. You must also follow one of the most important rules, which is to remain unnoticed for as long as possible – the winner will not be the player who shoots first! At this stage, it is worth noting that PUBG has become available on Windows.

4. NEW types of Advance weapons and Gear, Vehicles

On playing the PUBG Mobile New State game you will find yourself discovering dozens of different weapons and equipment, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. If you are aware of your enemies’ positions around you, you can use close quarter combat weapons such as an Assault Rifle or Shotgun, rather than Long Range Sniper options.

Alternatively, if you are looking to eliminate an enemy with great precision or have spotted one hiding out of sight somewhere far away from where you are at that time, then choosing a Rocket launcher is recommended. One of this game’s most impressive features is the ability to drive many different vehicles or acquire transport by foot. You can even utilize drones during battle!

5. HD realistic graphics with Global 3D technology

We will reveal the PUBG for mobile, a faithful adaptation of the PC and console version that will transport you to new heights on Android and iOS devices. The game will feature fantastic visual effects that take players on an adrenaline-filled ride to reach their highest battle potential and win!

#. Questions and answers for the game

  1. Will the game be available on a Windows PC? Currently, the developer has just announced the version for Android and iOS platforms; if you want to play on a PC, you must use emulator software.
  2. Who is the developer and publisher of PUBG New State? PUBG New State is developed by South Korea’s PUBG Corp and developed by KRAFTON, Inc., released on Android / IOS platforms.
  3. In which countries is this game released? This game information will be released globally in the US, UK, Vietnam, India, Indonesia … and English. But it will support more languages in subsequent versions.
  4. Time will this game be officially released? Currently, the game only allows players to pre-register, and the time the game is released is not available. However, the company says it will launch the game in 2021.
  5. PUBG MOBILE New State started to open Alpha Test on June 13, 2021: the game has an entirely new map and new weapons, upgraded graphics. However, this version of the PUBG MOBILE New State Beta test is limited to a limited number of people who have pre-registered in the US region, so it still cannot be played, nor can you Fake IP to download or play.
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