PUBG New State Trailer Is Officially Released, Teasing Futuristic Gameplay and Graphics

Krafton recently relaunched PUBG New State, an action game inspired by the hugely popular Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds that combines combat elements with escape ones. The game was released for selected territories earlier this year, with several alpha tests occurring to test functionality and game play for all players who wanted to be involved in the beta.

To provide media lovers with more knowledge about PUBG New State, the developer recently uploaded a trailer to show people what aspect of the game they will be able to enjoy when the product finally releases. The public beta is set to go live next month and we’re excited to check out all that it has to offer.

In a move that will surely drive the mobile gaming industry into a new direction, Krafton has announced that it has acquired yet-another ambitious video game developer quite unlike the rest. This latest one boasts a fully developed battle royale mobile game unlike any other.


In fact it’s unlike PUBG the company is currently best known for, but there is no doubt about who single-handedly owns this genre now.

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